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For Those Who Know How to Bring Peace

Work made at PADA residency 2023. In conversation and Collaboration with the indigenous  Kalandang (Peace) weavers from the Philippines. Supported by the British council (PH) and the Forest preservation society (PH)

Artist holding stone sculpture

Iconic Women 

Begun in 2021 the Iconic women series reflects on the powerful women closest to me. Each work threads symbols and texture from a mythological, historical, or literary character chosen from the culture of the women who add so much texture to my own life.


Female Figures

Imbued with mythology and female power, this series started with a self portrait in 2017.

Ode to Macha, wife of Cruinniuc

Soft Sculptures

This series of Soft sculptures, begun in 2022, meditations on grief and loss. They are patched together with fashion waste, full of untold stories.

Black wave

Fashion Waste

Brands traditionally were about craft, artisans and quality, but what is a brand now? For Drifter Galleries I created an installation shop window in 2022. Viewers invited to pose in the window next to the mannequin in wearable art and hold one of my ‘shopping bag’ works. A nod to the obsession with "luxury telegraphing" and Instagram culture.

How will they know we're rich

Rip it Up, Start Again 

'Without community there is no liberation’  Audre Lorde

A sustainable community project started in January 2021, amid lockdown in the UK. Inspired by the history of people across a myriad of cultures, gathering to re-purpose textiles, when nothing went to waste. They created communities to sew, weave and quilt, sharing skills and stories along the way.

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