A London based artist, born and raised in Belfast, Northern Ireland, my background is in fashion, my textile art practice is self-taught. I came to art through a desire to tell stories and heal trauma. Blending mythology, personal experiences and current sociopolitical movements my work links the past and the present. As an avid reader of contemporary and classic inter-sectional feminist literature, my mind is always occupied by the ways we need to change our world for the better.


I use ‘found’ fabrics collected from Luxury fashion alteration services as well as London factory surplus, in order to keep my practice as sustainable as possible. The textiles are then used in a mixture of applique, experimental fabric manipulation and embroidery to create figurative and abstract art. Revisiting what was traditionally seen as ‘women’s work’ with a contemporary lens and using the laborious hand processes often forgotten in our fast - paced digital age. 

Please consider donating what you can to the below charities:

The Black curriculum- Re-imagining the future of education through Black British history

The Art of Hope -providing trauma relief for Syrian refugees through art therapy and vocational training

End Violence against women- UK coalition campaigning to end violence against all women and girls

Dahlia Project - supporting survivors of Female Genital Mutilation

Alliance for Choice - Pro choice Northern Ireland 

Photographs by Gordon Stabbins