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Rip it up, start again 

'Without community there is no liberation’  Audre Lorde

A sustainable community project started in January 2021, amid lockdown 3.0 in the UK. Inspired by the history of humans across a myriad of cultures, gathering to re-purpose textiles, when nothing went to waste. They created communities to sew, weave and quilt, sharing skills and stories along the way. With a desire to bring a little joy through a creative project received through the mail, to help encourage a sense of  community when we were so isolated and raise money for Labour behind the label; who support garment workers rights globally.

85 kits full of fabric, kindly donated by Galedi couture, saved from landfill, went out to a multicultural, mix of complete beginners through to experienced textile artists to get creative and thinking about ways in which we can use textiles more sustainably. Full list of Participants below:

Yinsey Wang, Charlotte wright, Panja Gobel, Dorothy Riddell, Anna Howcroft, Susan Houlston, Amine Khayyhour, Lyra Beck, Gayle McIlhatton, Charlotte Calin, Lauren Grace, Gordon Stabbins, Simon Offredi, Rowena Cox, Mijong Shin, Claire Luck, Silvia Ballerini, Yasmin Waseem, Rebecca Pelly-Fry, Rhiannon Weaver, Sam Rhodes, Francesca Revell, Rachele Cerelli, Estelle George, Annette Wigley, Mark Mckee, Evelyn McIlhatton, Ana Rivera Prieto, Barbara Cainrick, Megan Stuckly,  Nikki  Terlik, Sally Gaukrodger-Cowan, Sandra Streeter, Holly Rice, Ruth Lozano, Mich Dulce, Aadhya Pellegrini, Maureen Johnson, Matthew Zorpas, Danny Beck, Chiara Goldthorpe, Debrah Eastwood, Mary Chidlow, Annika Cox, Nazia Williamson, Nadine ElHalfawy,  Vanessa Gardner, Nan Xue, Emma Thistleton, Anne Marie Norton, Lauren Challenor, Claudia Freitas, Annie Manzor, Lisa McKinven, Anna Saroukhanova, Imogen Cox, Ellen Moore, Brad Perry, Jed Antony,  Jeanette Lammey, Kim Tate, Marina English, Deborah Deeks, Anne Enderlin, Sandii Ng, Lottie Whyman, Constanza Aguilera, Sophie Izabel, Sin Yi Chung , Marie Juge,  Xiaofei Sun, Hannah Deeks, Kay Ferneyhough, Richard Stabbins, Pamela Beck, Lynne Morrissey, Lucy Storrs,  Amanda Jenkins, Sennait Ghebreab, Sophie Dutton, Lizzie Bachelor, Veronica Lilevman.

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